Fetch Christmas

I was responsible for working on the Fetch Christmas 2016 Campaign, from concept to completion. I came up with several concepts and ideas, pitched these to the Fetch stakeholders and worked with them to develop it into the campaign that is currently live (as of xmas 2016). I designed and drew out all the illustrations for the characters and products, designed and coded the landing page and all the necessary banners, and worked on the neccesary printed materials to ensure consistency throughout. It is a project I have greatly enjoyed as it has brought in all of my skills and allowed me to have creative freedom over a large event in the Fetch calender.

Fetch (Ocado)

I manage a small team who deal with the design and web updates for general merchandising and the speciality stores of Ocado. As well as design and front-end development for Ocado's Fetch and Sizzle, we also design for other non-food elements on the main site such as Toy, Beauty and Home. On top of the creative responsibilities I also liaise between mine and other teams, make sure briefs are given correctly and delegated out equally, manage deadlines and make sure we are working effectively on the whole.

Fetch deals in pet products and is one of several speciality sites from Ocado. The new homepage layout was designed to be easy to update for developers and non-developers alike. The content banners are set up in a way so they can be easily converted to simple photoshop templates. The way the page responds keeps resizing of these elements to a minimum so they do not require multiple versions or templates. These can then be sent to suppliers who, even if they are not be familiar with the sites workings, can still create the elements. It also allows us to keep tight control of the fonts and tags to ensure continuity across all the banners.


During my time with Seven Seconds (a London based digital agency) I primarily worked on the Waitrose account. I was responsible for designing both on and off line marketing material and informative pieces such as emails, mailers and in-store leaflets.

These emails went out regularly to showcase and inform customers what was happening on not only waitrose.com but also on several of their speciality sites like Grapevine and Waitrose garden. These emails had to not only look good but also conform to strict guides to ensure they worked across all devices, meaning every detail needed to be considered in a functional as well as an aesthetic manner.

Rakuten (Play.com)

I was part of a European team responsible for all digital design for Rakuten's marketplace websites across Europe. Projects included banners for web, email and social, affiliate collaborations, UI/UX design and art direction in a variety of campaigns, as well as page creation for all of Europe.

The projects were varied and changed from being purely for the UK to being for Europe on the whole meaning the designs had to follow suit. It often meant that designs had to work across sites that worked and responded differently. I also helped work on the site redesign that eventually brought all European sites into alignment.